Abbey - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈæbi|  American pronunciation of the word abbey
Brit.  |ˈabi|  British pronunciation of the word abbey


- a church associated with a monastery or convent
- a convent ruled by an abbess
- a monastery ruled by an abbot


...the monks in the abbey grow all their own vegetables...

...the crypt under the abbey church contains the sarcophagus of the monastery's founding abbot...

The house was once a cell to the abbey.

I saw the mouldering ruin of an abbey overrun with ivy.

There were many postulants for this abbey.

The ancient abbey was in imminent danger of collapse.

We were going to a concert in Bath Abbey.

Dean sent me a lovely postcard with a picture of Bolton Abbey on the front.

The prince was crowned in Westminster Abbey

There are two b's in the word “abbey.”

Word forms

singular: abbey
plural: abbeys
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