Academy - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈkædəmi|  American pronunciation of the word academy
Brit.  |əˈkadəmi|  British pronunciation of the word academy


- a secondary school (usually private)
- an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature
- a school for special training
- a learned establishment for the advancement of knowledge

Examples academy of the fine arts...

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts

the American Academy of Arts and Letters

West Point Academy амер.

The film received five Academy Award nominations.

The nominations for the Academy Awards have been announced.

...a dizzying drumbeat of interviews in the hours following her winning of the Academy Award...

...the remains of John Paul Jones were exhumed in Paris and transported with great ceremony to the U.S. Naval Academy... tolerance at the academy for cheating and other iniquitous practices...

The French Academy took forty years to compile their Dictionary.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

This Academy has for many years given an excellent fit for college.

The Royal Academy is full of vitality.

Oswald was much admired by his contemporaries at the Academy.

The nominations for the Academy Awards were announced Tuesday.

Word forms

singular: academy
plural: academies
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