Affair - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈfer|  American pronunciation of the word affair
Brit.  |əˈfɛː|  British pronunciation of the word affair


- a vaguely specified concern(syn: matter, thing)

it is none of your affair

- a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship (syn: affaire, amour, intimacy, involvement, liaison)
- a vaguely specified social event(syn: function, occasion)

the party was quite an affair


After the war, the government focused on its own domestic affairs.

They accused the U.S. of interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.

How I choose to live is my affair, not yours.

adulterous affairs between married men and single women

I am not going to discuss my financial affairs with the press.

His death was a tragic affair.

He had an affair with his secretary.

I'll do as I please. It's my own affair.

Watergate affair

The party turned out to be a quiet affair.

Her hat was an elegant affair.

They were accused of interfering in China's internal affairs.

I am not prepared to discuss my financial affairs with the press.

The whole affair was a disaster.

The party was a very grand affair.

Word forms

singular: affair
plural: affairs
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