Affinity - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈfɪnəti|  American pronunciation of the word affinity
Brit.  |əˈfɪnɪti|  British pronunciation of the word affinity


- (immunology) the attraction between an antigen and an antibody
- (anthropology) kinship by marriage or adoption; not a blood relationship
- (biology) state of relationship between organisms or groups of organisms resulting in resemblance in structure or structural parts
- a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character(syn: kinship)
- the force attracting atoms to each other and binding them together in a molecule
- inherent resemblance between persons or things
- a natural attraction or feeling of kinship


There's always been an affinity between us.

He never felt any affinity with the other kids in his neighborhood.

the affinity between Christian and Chinese concepts of the spirit

in anatomical structure prehistoric man shows close affinity with modern humans

found a natural affinity with the immigrants

basic dyes have an affinity for wool and silk

James's affinity with Sam

... neither virus has an affinity for T cells.

Animals sharing this basic architecture may have no closer affinity than a beetle and a squid.

Word forms

singular: affinity
plural: affinities
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