Affirmative - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈfɜːrmətɪv|  American pronunciation of the word affirmative
Brit.  |əˈfəːmətɪv|  British pronunciation of the word affirmative


- a reply of affirmation


- expecting the best(syn: optimistic)
- expressing or manifesting praise or approval(syn: approbative, approbatory, approving, plausive)


She gave an affirmative answer, not a negative answer.

...we have five affirmatives and two negatives for forming the committee...

Affirmative action was meant to redress the balance (=make the situation fair) for minorities.

The court's ruling narrowed the scope of the affirmative action program.

Addressing the resentment toward affirmative action programs, Hacker notes...

a controversial decision on affirmative action

Word forms

singular: affirmative
plural: affirmatives
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