Agonizing - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈæɡənaɪzɪŋ|  American pronunciation of the word agonizing
Brit.  |ˈaɡənʌɪzɪŋ|  British pronunciation of the word agonizing
- this word is used as a present participle form of the verb 'to be'to agonize


- extremely painful (syn: agonising, excruciating, harrowing, torturesome, torturing, torturous)


a long and agonizing battle with cancer

She made the agonizing decision to cancel the trip.

The agonizing wait was finally over.

He was in agonizing pain.

The pain was agonizing. into more trouble, further agonizing her poor mother...

He is agonizing over the final chapter of his novel.

She was faced with an agonizing choice.

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