Aimless - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈeɪmləs|  American pronunciation of the word aimless
Brit.  |ˈeɪmlɪs|  British pronunciation of the word aimless


- aimlessly drifting (syn: adrift, afloat, directionless, planless, rudderless, undirected)
- continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another (syn: drifting, floating, vagabond, vagrant)


He aimed the gun carefully before shooting.

Don't aim that pistol at me!

He aimed carefully before shooting.

Try to aim the antenna in the right direction.

She aimed the telescope at a point in the eastern sky.

She aimed at a point in the eastern sky.

He aimed the stone at the dog but missed.

The throw from the shortstop was poorly aimed.

He aimed his criticism primarily at parents.

a political movement whose aim is to promote world peace

Our ultimate aim is to create something of lasting value.

The book has two basic aims.

She was unable to achieve her aims.

I started this business with the aim of making a profit.

He fired at the target but his aim was off and he missed.

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