Airline - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈerlaɪn|  American pronunciation of the word airline
Brit.  |ˈɛːlʌɪn|  British pronunciation of the word airline


- a hose that carries air under pressure
- a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers (syn: airway)


the chairman of the airline company

He made some suggestions about how to improve airline safety.

methods used for ticketing airline passengers

...the airline is seeking experienced pilots to fly the new airplane...

Airline travelers are experiencing delays of up to three hours.

...the airport nearest us has plane service on only one major airline...

The airline is the nation's largest carrier.

...foul weather and airline foul-ups seemed to be conspiring to ruin our vacation...

All of the airline's coast-to-coast flights pass through its hub.

The airline has canceled all outbound flights.

The airline overbooked the flight.

...periodical announcements from airline personnel concerning the delay...

...ever since he was a shaveling, he's wanted to be an airline pilot, just like his dad...

The airline has added a $20 fuel surcharge on all international flights.

This airline's safety record is impeccable.

Word forms

singular: airline
plural: airlines
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