Allied - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈælaɪd|  American pronunciation of the word allied
Brit.  |ˈalʌɪd|  British pronunciation of the word allied
- this word is a past tense form of the verbto ally
- this word is a past participle form of the verbto ally


- related by common characteristics or ancestry

allied species
allied studies

- united in a confederacy or league (syn: confederate, confederative)
- joined by treaty or agreement


...people with foreign language fluency and an allied skill such as the ability to relate to people from different cultures...

We were allied with them against the aggressor.

Allied forces

She's allied herself with the moderates on this issue.

They've allied with their former enemies.

...the supreme commander of the conjunct operations of the allied armies...

...after World War II, the four Allied nations shared the governance of the territory of postwar Germany under the Allied Control Council...

We allied ourselves with our friends against the common enemy.

French is allied to Spanish and other Latin languages.

Anthropology is closely allied to the field of psychology.

Some of the northern cities allied themselves with the emperor.

the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe

the Nazis' surrender to the Allied forces

He has allied himself to the left wing of the party.

The allied forces attacked the invading enemy.

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