Always - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈɔːlweɪz|  American pronunciation of the word always
Brit.  |ˈɔːlweɪz|  British pronunciation of the word always


- at all times; all the time and on every occasion(syn: e'er, ever)

I will always be there to help you
always arrives on time
there is always some pollution in the air

- without variation or change, in every case(syn: constantly, invariably)

he always arrives on time

- without interruption (syn: constantly, forever, incessantly, perpetually)
- at any time or in any event

you can always resign if you don't like it
you could always take a day off

- forever; throughout all time

we will always be friends
I shall treasure it always
I will always love you


He always tries, but he doesn't always succeed.

It's always a pleasure to see you.

I can always tell when he's upset.

This area is always filled with tourists.

Things won't always go as planned.

You're always welcome to stay with us.

He has always been a good friend to me.

Life won't always be this easy.

I always thought they'd get married some day, but they never did.

Isn't that what you've always wanted?

Always lock your bicycle to something secure.

She'd always assumed that Gabriel was a girl's name.

He hadn't always been a butler.

I've always wanted to go to Paris.

John's always been keen on music.

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