Amazement - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈmeɪzmənt|  American pronunciation of the word amazement
Brit.  |əˈmeɪzm(ə)nt|  British pronunciation of the word amazement


- the feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising (syn: astonishment)


The crowd watched in amazement as the magician performed his tricks.

Much to the amazement of her family, she left school to pursue her acting career.

They stared in amazement.

To my utter amazement, he arrived on time.

Ralph gasped in amazement.

To everyone's amazement, the goal was disallowed.

We watched the fireworks show with wonder and amazement.

He goggled in amazement at the huge statue.

Amazement rounded her eyes.

Diane reeled back in amazement.

I felt a mixture of amazement and repulsion.

I stared up at Keith in stupefied amazement.

His features ran the gamut of emotions from amazement to despair.

The students stared at the teacher with amazement

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