Ambassador - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |æmˈbæsədər|  American pronunciation of the word ambassador
Brit.  |amˈbasədə|  British pronunciation of the word ambassador


- a diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another (syn: embassador)
- an informal representative

an ambassador of good will


Embassy officials met with the ambassador.

...a beloved entertainer who has often been sent abroad by the president as his country's goodwill ambassador...

He has made some good films and he is a good ambassador for the industry.

We extended an official greeting to the ambassador.

her appointment as ambassador to Spain

The ambassador was recalled from abroad.

As the heir to an earldom, Stephen was obliged to pay a courtesy call on the British ambassador ...

...with an elaborately ceremonious congé, the ambassador took his leave...

...a novitiate in the rarefied world of international diplomacy, the recently appointed ambassador is treading cautiously...

...that tiny country's ambassador from the U.S. is usually some nullity who happens to be a friend or supporter of the current president...

His Excellency the Swedish ambassador

Not only an ambassador, but an ambassadress had been asked to meet them.

Our ambassador made representations to their government.

A dozen senators met over lunch with the Chinese ambassador.

She was offered the post of ambassador to India.

Word forms

singular: ambassador
plural: ambassadors
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