Arabian - definition, transcription

Amer.  |əˈreɪbiən|
Brit.  |əˈreɪbɪən|


- a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa (syn: arab, arabian)
- a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia (syn: arab, arabian)


- relating to or associated with Arabia or its people(syn: arabian)
- of or relating to Arabian horses (syn: arabian)


Arabian Nights

Arabian Sea

...the expansive farm on which blooded Arabian horses are raised...

...that horse is a purebred Arabian...

...the satiny short coat of an Arabian horse...

Arabian gold enchased the crystal roof. (Walter S. Landor "Gebir")

...Arabian horses are noted for their dished muzzles and large eyes....

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