Atop - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈtɑːp|  American pronunciation of the word atop
Brit.  |əˈtɒp|  British pronunciation of the word atop


- on, to, or at the top


The house sits atop a cliff overlooking the ocean.

There was an envelope atop a sheet of paper.

They stood atop the mountain in triumph.

...the house is perched atop a hill amid a stretch of dense woodland...

...the castle sits atop an escarpment that for hundreds of years made it virtually invulnerable to attack...

...from atop his horse the warrior hurled a javelin that pierced the chest of his hapless foe...

...from atop the ness, there was a beautiful view of the coastline as it stretched for miles into the distance...

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