Aunt - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ænt|  American pronunciation of the word aunt
Brit.  |ɑːnt|  British pronunciation of the word aunt


- the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle (syn: auntie, aunty)


He has three aunts and two uncles.

This is my Aunt Mary.

Aunt Mary

She more closely resembles her aunt than her mother.

...I call her Aunt Emily, but she is actually my cousin, not my aunt....

She is visiting her aunt in New York.

His aunt is his closest living relative.

...with her acid personality, my aunt could be relied upon to bring some much-needed balance to the holiday gush...

My great aunt lived to the grand old age of 103.

His aunt and uncle were witnesses at his baptism.

In the movie, she plays his kind but somewhat dense aunt.

My aunt collects porcelain dolls.

...often effusive no matter what the occasion, my aunt is even more so at weddings and funerals...

Her aunt is also her godmother.

My aunt and uncle are also my godparents.

Word forms

singular: aunt
plural: aunts
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