Backlash - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈbæklæʃ|  American pronunciation of the word backlash
Brit.  |ˈbaklaʃ|  British pronunciation of the word backlash


- a movement back from an impact (syn: rebound, recoil, repercussion)
- an adverse reaction to some political or social occurrence


- come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect(syn: backfire, recoil)


You're going to get a backlash - segregation's going to spread.

The 1970s saw the first backlash against the women's movement.

The management fear a backlash from fans over the team's poor performances.

there was a backlash of intolerance

the political movie backlashed on the Democrats

... his sudden fame probably insured a backlash.

Word forms

singular: backlash
plural: backlashes
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