Beast - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |biːst|  American pronunciation of the word beast
Brit.  |biːst|  British pronunciation of the word beast


- a living organism characterized by voluntary movement (syn: animal, brute, creature, fauna)
- a cruelly rapacious person (syn: brute, savage, wildcat, wolf)


the birds and beasts of the forest

They were attacked by a savage beast.

He's a cruel, hateful beast!

You beast! Let go!

A city at night is a very different beast.

There's a little beast crawling up your back!

...a stamp left in the mud by some prehistoric beast...

...the erotic aspects of the story of Beauty and the Beast...

A tame beast fawns to be fed.

This little beast is a lemur and it lives in Madagascar.

He observed his master switch beast after beast into the receptacles for cattle. (R. Boldrewood)

...the camel's reputation as an untiring beast of burden...

Word forms

singular: beast
plural: beasts
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