Bigger - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈbɪɡər|
Brit.  |ˈbɪɡə|
- this word is used as a comparative form of the adjectivebig


- large or big relative to something else (syn: larger)


She was expecting a bigger take.

We're going to need a bigger place once the baby is born.

She moved to a bigger city.

Construction of the bridge turned out to be a bigger job than they had expected.

I had to return the shirt and get a bigger size.

His guiding principle when he built his house was that bigger was better.

smaller countries invaded and absorbed by bigger ones

...moved from a small town into a much bigger burg... the argument grew more heated, his gesticulations got bigger and wilder...

...a wily judge of character, she takes advantage of car buyers' insecurities to sell them a bigger machine than they really need...

The test can accurately predict what a bigger explosion would do.

I need a bigger desk.

The new model has a bigger boot.

He has his eye on the bigger apartment next door.

I was surprised when I saw the farm. I had imagined it would be much bigger.

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