Blade - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |bleɪd|  American pronunciation of the word blade
Brit.  |bleɪd|  British pronunciation of the word blade


- especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole
- a dashing young man
- something long and thin resembling a blade of grass
- a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard (syn: brand, steel, sword)
- a cut of beef from the shoulder blade
- a broad flat body part (as of the shoulder or tongue)
- the part of the skate that slides on the ice
- flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water (syn: vane)
- the flat part of a tool or weapon that (usually) has a cutting edge


...dueled with blades rather than guns...

The blade of the knife flashed in the moonlight.

gay young blades bragged of their amorous adventures

a blade of lint on his suit

The blade should be replaced as soon as it dulls.

...the blade of the adze is still good, but the haft is broken and will have to be replaced...

...the lithe blade of a fencing foil...

This blade is too dull for sawing.

The blade twinkles in the sun.

An electric razor doesn't really shave as close as a blade.

The blade cut deep into the wood.

The blade's so sharp it could slice through your finger.

a knife with a retractable blade

He replaced the old razor blade

Word forms

singular: blade
plural: blades
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