Blanket - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈblæŋkɪt|  American pronunciation of the word blanket
Brit.  |ˈblaŋkɪt|  British pronunciation of the word blanket


- bedding that keeps a person warm in bed (syn: cover)
- anything that covers(syn: mantle)
- a layer of lead surrounding the highly reactive core of a nuclear reactor


- cover as if with a blanket
- form a blanket-like cover (over)


- broad in scope or content(syn: across-the-board, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, broad, encompassing, extensive, panoptic, wide)


It's going to get cold tonight so you may need extra blankets.

...a blanket of fog concealed the view of the harbor...

Ice was blanketing the bay.

The fields were blanketed with flowers.

a blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens

a blanket ban on use of the chemical

The hillside was blanketed with flowers.

The whole garden was blanketed in leaves.

The rooftops were blanketed in snow.

The hills were covered with a blanket of snow.

there was a blanket of snow

The blanket by the fireplace is the dog's bed.

She pulled the blanket over her head.

The child is always dragging his blanket.

The blanket is covered with diagonal stripes.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: blanket
he/she/it: blankets
present participle: blanketing
past tense: blanketed
past participle: blanketed
singular: blanket
plural: blankets
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