Blessing - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈblesɪŋ|  American pronunciation of the word blessing
Brit.  |ˈblɛsɪŋ|  British pronunciation of the word blessing
- this word is used as a present participle form of the verb 'to be'to bless


- the formal act of approving(syn: approval, approving)

he gave the project his blessing

- a desirable state(syn: boon)

enjoy the blessings of peace

- a short prayer of thanks before a meal (syn: grace, thanksgiving)
- a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection (syn: benediction)
- the act of praying for divine protection (syn: benediction)


Presumably he was acting with the government's blessing.

They got married without their parents' blessing.

We asked the Lord's blessing on us and on our project.

He said a blessing before the meal.

It was a blessing for us.

It was a blessing that we didn't have to make the trip.

The dishwasher has been a real blessing!

It's a blessing no-one was badly hurt.

They were determined to marry, with or without their parents' blessing.

The Defense Department has given its blessing to the scheme.

The priest gave the blessing.

he gave the project his blessing

the blessing of the Spanish crown

The priest pronounced a blessing on their home.

His fame turned out to be a curse, not a blessing.

Word forms

singular: blessing
plural: blessings
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