Boat - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |boʊt|  American pronunciation of the word boat
Brit.  |bəʊt|  British pronunciation of the word boat


- a small vessel for travel on water
- a dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce (syn: sauceboat)


- ride in a boat on water


He tied the boat to the dock.

Cruise ships and other boats filled the harbor.

traveling by boat across the ocean

We boated over to the island.

...boated to the picnic site on an island in the bay...

We boated to Antwerp.

If we had a boat, we could row across to the island.

MacKay said he would sleep on his boat.

Some of the beaches can only be reached by boat.

The tour includes boat trips up the river.

We're taking the night boat to St. Malo.

Throw the rocks over the side of the boat.

A rope was tied to each end of the boat.

They righted the capsized boat.

The boat was too tall to pass beneath the bridge.

Word forms

singular: boat
plural: boats
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