Bobby - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈbɑːbi|  American pronunciation of the word bobby
Brit.  |ˈbɒbi|  British pronunciation of the word bobby


- an informal term for a British policeman


...asked a passing London bobby for directions...

She twisted her hair into a bun and fastened it with bobby pins.

Bobby drew a chair up to the table.

The operation should enable Bobby to lead a normal life.

Bobby had perched himself on a tall wooden stool.

She shifted her gaze from me to Bobby.

We all knew that to win we'd have to shut down Bobby Mitchell.

Bobby will tell them about it in his own good time.

Bobby Rahal is feeling upbeat about the Jaguar's perspecitves.

in Britain they call a bobby pin a grip

Word forms

singular: bobby
plural: bobbies
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