Bold - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |boʊld|  American pronunciation of the word bold
Brit.  |bəʊld|  British pronunciation of the word bold


- a typeface with thick heavy lines (syn: boldface)


- clear and distinct
- very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front(syn: bluff, sheer)


Few politicians have been bold enough to oppose the plan to cut taxes.

It's a bold plan that might fail.

Hiring a novice was a bold move.

He punished the bold child for talking back.

I'd like to offer a few criticisms, if I may be so bold.

She wore a dress with bold stripes.

The painting is done in bold colors.

He ventured on a very bold step.

In a surprisingly bold move, he is threatening court action against the company.

My aunt Flo was a bold determined woman.

He had the ability to take bold imaginative decisions.

You should be feeling confident and bold when you meet your bank manager.

She marched into his office as bold as brass (=very confident and not showing enough respect).

Stripes are bold, bright, and fun to wear.

The graphics are bold and colourful.

Word forms

comparative: bolder
superlative: boldest
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