Brave - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |breɪv|  American pronunciation of the word brave
Brit.  |breɪv|  British pronunciation of the word brave


- a North American Indian warrior
- people who are brave


- face and withstand with courage(syn: endure, weather)


- invulnerable to fear or intimidation (syn: audacious, dauntless, fearless, hardy, intrepid, unfearing)
- brightly colored and showy(syn: braw, gay)


She gave us a brave smile.

He lost his brave fight against the disease.

Thousands of fans braved rush-hour traffic to see the concert.

...a soldier who braved enemy fire to rescue her wounded comrade...

For six days they made a brave defence.

Protesters braved the rain and snow.

He braved them, if they were men, to come out.

Despite their captain's brave performance, Arsenal lost 2-1.

the brave efforts of the medical staff to save his life

I decided to take the train to work rather than brave the traffic.

More than 100 people braved the elements and attended the rally.

the home of the free and the brave

She braved the elements

girls decked out in brave new dresses

That was a very brave thing to do

Word forms

I/you/we/they: brave
he/she/it: braves
present participle: braving
past tense: braved
past participle: braved
singular: brave
plural: braves
comparative: braver
superlative: bravest
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