Challenger - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈtʃælɪndʒər|  American pronunciation of the word challenger
Brit.  |ˈtʃalɪndʒə|  British pronunciation of the word challenger


- the contestant you hope to defeat (syn: competition, competitor, contender, rival)


A number of doctors are challenging the study's claims.

The new lawsuit challenges the lower court's decision.

She's been challenged on her handling of the problem.

None of them were willing to challenge the referee on the call.

It's a game that will challenge a child's imagination.

The work doesn't challenge him anymore, and he's often bored.

The next major challenge for the company is to improve its distribution capabilities.

Teaching adolescents can be quite a challenge.

The band feels ready for new challenges.

If he takes on the new project he will face the greatest challenge of his career.

Management is seeking ways to better meet the challenge of future growth.

The ski slope offers a high degree of challenge.

Do you accept my challenge to a game of chess?

The senator may face a challenge from within her own party.

The President debated his challenger in front of a live audience on Tuesday.

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