Changer - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈtʃeɪndʒər|  American pronunciation of the word changer
Brit.  |ˈtʃeɪn(d)ʒə|  British pronunciation of the word changer


- a person who changes something(syn: modifier)

an inveterate changer of the menu

- an automatic mechanical device on a record player that causes new records to be played without manual intervention (syn: auto-changer)


Her mood changes every hour.

He changed from an optimist to a pessimist.

The town has changed little in recent years.

These events have changed me in my attitude to life.

You can't change human nature.

Life changed him from an optimist into a pessimist.

The leaves change color from green to red in the fall.

She changed her name when she got married.

France has changed its monetary unit from the franc to the euro.

Change the channel on the TV

There has been little if any change in her daily routine.

You shouldn't be afraid of change. Change is a natural part of life.

The years have brought many changes to the town's economy.

We need to make some changes in the system.

Many voters believe that it's time for a change.

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