Changing - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈtʃeɪndʒɪŋ|  American pronunciation of the word changing
Brit.  |ˈtʃeɪndʒɪŋ|  British pronunciation of the word changing
- this word is used as a present participle form of the verb 'to be'to change


- marked by continuous change or effective action (syn: ever-changing)


You can't change a company without changing a country.

He seriously considered changing careers.

I can't picture changing jobs at this point in my life.

I see no benefit in changing the system now.

He made his old-fashioned apartment look more modern by changing the color of the walls and buying new furniture.

The cloud kept changing shape.

A fear of the unknown kept her from changing jobs.

Tourists gather every day to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

He is thinking about changing occupations and becoming a police officer.

There were indications that he was thinking of changing jobs.

the country's changing economic climate

The truck's driver kept changing lanes.

the changing composition of the country's population

She suggested changing the state's laws governing the sale of alcohol.

Changing jobs now would complicate her life.

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