Chant - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |tʃænt|  American pronunciation of the word chant
Brit.  |tʃɑːnt|  British pronunciation of the word chant


- a repetitive song in which as many syllables as necessary are assigned to a single tone


- recite with musical intonation; recite as a chant or a psalm(syn: cantillate, intonate, intone)
- utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically(syn: intone, tone)


The crowd began chanting her name.

Protesters were chanting outside the governor's home.

They were chanting in Arabic.

Priests chanted the Catholic Mass in Latin.

Chant is often used as a form of meditation and prayer.

Others in the crowd took up the chant (=began chanting).

chants of 'oh no, we won't go'

He chanted a melody loudly and sweetly. (A. Tennyson, Poet's Song, 1842)

The rabbi chanted a prayer

The students chanted the same slogan over and over again

The monotonous chant of the indoctrinated, ideologically armored from head to foot ...

With hardly any provocation, the crowd began to chant.

When the goal was scored, the fans started to chant, “We're number one, we're number one.”

Our chant was “Peace now, peace now!”.

Our chant was "Peace now, peace now!".

Word forms

I/you/we/they: chant
he/she/it: chants
present participle: chanting
past tense: chanted
past participle: chanted
singular: chant
plural: chants
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