Claim - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |kleɪm|  American pronunciation of the word claim
Brit.  |kleɪm|  British pronunciation of the word claim


- an assertion of a right (as to money or property)
- an assertion that something is true or factual
- demand for something as rightful or due
- an informal right to something(syn: title)
- an established or recognized right(syn: title)
- a demand especially in the phrase (syn: call)


- assert or affirm strongly; state to be true or existing
- demand as being one's due or property; assert one's right or title to(syn: arrogate)
- ask for legally or make a legal claim to, as of debts, for example
- lay claim to; as of an idea (syn: take)
- take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs(syn: exact, take)


He claims a connection to British royalty.

The organization claims 10,000 members.

The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

New Yorkers proudly claim the artist as one of their own.

Both of them claimed credit for the idea.

No one ever claimed authorship for the poem.

You should claim compensation for the hours you worked.

No heirs came forward to claim the inheritance.

She makes the claim that sea levels will actually go down.

He made false claims about his past job experience.

You'll need to file an insurance claim to pay for the damage.

Make a claim on your insurance policy

All claims must be made in writing.

The discoverer claimed the island for the nation.

He claimed that he'd been cheated.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: claim
he/she/it: claims
present participle: claiming
past tense: claimed
past participle: claimed
singular: claim
plural: claims
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