Clamor - definition, transcription

Amer.  |ˈklæmər|
Brit.  |ˈklæmə|


- a loud harsh or strident noise (syn: blare, blaring, cacophony, din)
- loud and persistent outcry from many people(syn: clamoring, clamour, clamouring)


- make loud demands(syn: clamour)
- utter or proclaim insistently and noisily(syn: clamour)
- compel someone to do something by insistent clamoring


A clamor outside woke them in the night.

a public clamor for an arrest in the case

There is growing clamor for reform.

His family and friends clamoured against the man's wrongful imprisonment.

The people are clamouring for bread.

he ignored the clamor of the crowd

he clamored for justice and tolerance

The delegates clamored their disappointment

They clamored the mayor into building a new park

...a blatant clamor for the impeachment of the scandal-plagued governor...

...the director is a real slave driver, but actors still clamor for the opportunity to work with him...

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