Classroom - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈklæsruːm|  American pronunciation of the word classroom
Brit.  |ˈklɑːsruːm|  British pronunciation of the word classroom


- a room in a school where lessons take place (syn: schoolroom)


The teacher has a hard time maintaining discipline in the classroom.

The classroom wall was painted with clouds and rainbows.

We do our best to reinforce good conduct in the classroom.

...irrelevant questions that merely disrupted the classroom lesson...

...a clamorous kindergarten classroom that would try the patience of any sane adult...

...a dilute acid that's safe to handle in the classroom...

...the classroom was abuzz with preparations for that evening's open house for the parents... students discover that what they experience outside the classroom can be just as educative as anything that happens within...

A particularly observant child, he noticed even the slightest changes in the classroom.

...returned to the classroom to find an escaped snake and her students running amok...

...a pedagogue whose classroom lessons consisted entirely of reading directly from the textbook in a monotone...

When the teacher was absent, there was anarchy in the classroom. a prank, several students managed to change all the classroom clocks to different times...

His students usually sat there in the classroom like zombies.

The sixth grade classroom was a zoo after recess.

Word forms

singular: classroom
plural: classrooms
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