Clay - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |kleɪ|  American pronunciation of the word clay
Brit.  |kleɪ|  British pronunciation of the word clay


- a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired
- water soaked soil; soft wet earth (syn: mud)
- United States general who commanded United States forces in Europe from 1945 to 1949 and who oversaw the Berlin airlift (1897-1978)
- United States politician responsible for the Missouri Compromise between free and slave states (1777-1852)
- the dead body of a human being(syn: cadaver, corpse, remains, stiff)

honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay


...had the feeling that the natives were of a different clay than us and that neither side would ever understand the other...

He set himself up to be (made of) finer clay.

honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay

He is good at making things out of clay.

sculptors who work in metal and clay

Students fashioned the clay into small figures.

turning a lump of clay into a beautiful pot

...a formless mass of clay that the potter transformed into an attractive bowl...

The design is incised into the clay.

The clay is incised to create a design.

...a clay sculpture of an eagle that was so malformed that it looked more like a feathered football...

...dropped a nubble of clay on the floor of the pottery...

The potter used a paddle to shape the clay.

...amorphous lumps of clay magically transformed by a skilled potter's hands into works of art...

...we chose that type of clay for its greater plasticity...

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