Cleaner - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈkliːnər|  American pronunciation of the word cleaner
Brit.  |ˈkliːnə|  British pronunciation of the word cleaner
- this word is used as a comparative form of the adjectiveclean


- a preparation used in cleaning something (syn: cleanser)
- the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
- someone whose occupation is cleaning


He recommends using baking soda as a general household cleaner.

These laws are meant to produce cleaner air.

We need a replacement for our old vacuum cleaner.

a vacuum cleaner that sucks up water as well as dirt

The vacuum cleaner attachments help clean in tight spaces.

The brush detaches from the vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning.

I take my clothes to a local dry cleaner.

My wool coat is still at the dry cleaner's .

...this vacuum cleaner has all of the accoutrements for cleaning furniture as well as floors...

...a cleaner that should not be used on porous surfaces...

The vacuum cleaner picks up dirt by suction.

a vacuum cleaner with enough suction to pick up the heaviest particles of dirt

...a superfluity of wire coat hangers from all of those trips to the dry cleaner...

The vacuum cleaner couldn't be fixed, so I trashed it.

A vacuum cleaner with a special attachment for dusting rugs.

Word forms

singular: cleaner
plural: cleaners
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