Crap - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |kræp|  American pronunciation of the word crap
Brit.  |kræp|  British pronunciation of the word crap


- obscene terms for feces (syn: dirt, poop, shit, shite, turd)
- obscene words for unacceptable behavior (syn: bull, bullshit, dogshit, horseshit, shit)


- have a bowel movement (syn: ca-ca, defecate, make, shit, stool)


It's a load / pile / bunch of crap.

• You don't believe all that crap, do you?

• That's a bunch of crap! I never said that.

• He came out with a load of crap about how he'd tried to call me yesterday.

• Greg's full of crap (=often says things that are completely wrong).

• Just cut the crap and tell me what really happened.

• They sell a lot of stuff cheap, but most of it is crap.

• The game was a load of crap.

• What is all this crap doing on my desk?

• I'm not going to take any more of this crap!

• I don't need this kind of crap (=used when you are angry about the way someone is behaving towards you).

• I'm tired of you giving me crap (=saying bad things) about my long hair.

• a crap film

I've had such a crap day.

I'm really crap at tennis.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: crap
he/she/it: craps
present participle: crapping
past tense: crapped
past participle: crapped
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