Crazy - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈkreɪzi|  American pronunciation of the word crazy
Brit.  |ˈkreɪzi|  British pronunciation of the word crazy


- someone deranged and possibly dangerous (syn: looney, loony, nutcase, weirdo)


- affected with madness or insanity (syn: brainsick, demented, disturbed, mad, sick, unbalanced, unhinged)
- foolish; totally unsound(syn: half-baked, screwball, softheaded)
- possessed by inordinate excitement
- bizarre or fantastic
- intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with(syn: dotty, gaga, wild)


He's been acting kind of crazy lately.

There are a lot of crazy drivers on the streets.

You are crazy to have paid so much for this car.

You would be crazy not to accept their offer!

What a crazy thing to do!

A bunch of crazies live there. unsympathetic homeowner insisted that all homeless people are crazies...

I bought some crazy good stuff there.

He is crazy about boats.

And the unfortunate part of it all is, Bertie, that I'm crazier about him than ever.

He was crazy in love with her.

He is a crazy player, and a crazier singer.

He was crazy drunk in a saloon one night.

The neighbours must think we're crazy.

It's an absolutely crazy idea.

Word forms

singular: crazy
plural: crazies
comparative: crazier
superlative: craziest
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