Daily - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdeɪli|  American pronunciation of the word daily
Brit.  |ˈdeɪli|  British pronunciation of the word daily


- a newspaper that is published every day


- every day; without missing a day
- gradually and progressively


- of or belonging to or occurring every day(syn: day-after-day, day-by-day, day-to-day)
- appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions (syn: casual, everyday)


It has changed every aspect of daily life.

I started eating healthier and added exercise to my daily routine.

daily activities such as eating breakfast and washing your face

There's not enough water to meet the daily needs of the city's people.

She reads the daily paper each morning.

Their average daily wage is only five dollars.

She had been taking more than the recommended daily dose of the medicine.

the city's two largest dailies

...hired a daily to come in each morning to cook and clean...

She phoned the hospital daily.

The zoo is open daily.

Daily Telegraph

There has been little if any change in her daily routine.

The newspaper is published daily.

The stores will be open daily except Sundays.

Word forms

singular: daily
plural: dailies
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