Dead - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ded|  American pronunciation of the word dead
Brit.  |ded|  British pronunciation of the word dead


- people who are no longer living
- a time when coldness (or some other quality associated with death) is intense


- very tired(syn: beat, bushed)
- unerringly accurate
- physically inactive
- (followed by `to') not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive(syn: numb)
- devoid of physical sensation; numb(syn: deadened)
- lacking acoustic resonance
- not yielding a return(syn: idle)

▼ (8)


- quickly and without warning (syn: abruptly, short, suddenly)
- completely and without qualification; used informally as intensifiers(syn: absolutely, perfectly, utterly)


Her husband is dead. He died last year.

He was found dead in his apartment yesterday.

He lay dead on the floor.

The lost mountain climbers were believed dead.

The poster said that the robbers were wanted dead or alive.

Our legs were completely dead after hiking all day.

I'm dead if I come in late for work again.

If I ever get my hands on you, you're dead!

By the end of the war, there were over two million dead.

He began his journey in the dead of winter.

She's dead certain that she can finish the job.

We were dead tired by the end of the day.

He's not joking. In fact, he's dead serious.

They were both dead drunk and passed out on the floor.

She finished the race dead last.

Word forms

comparative: deader
superlative: deadest
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