Dealer - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdiːlər|  American pronunciation of the word dealer
Brit.  |ˈdiːlə|  British pronunciation of the word dealer


- someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold (syn: bargainer, monger, trader)
- a firm engaged in trading
- a seller of illicit goods

a dealer in stolen goods

- the major party to a financial transaction at a stock exchange; buys and sells for his own account (syn: principal)
- the person who distributes the playing cards in a card game


It's your turn to deal.

Each player is dealt five cards.

She was dealt a full house.

Dealing out the cards for a game of poker

The offending players were dealt harsh penalties.

She got caught dealing drugs in school.

...a person who started out as a user and is now a drug dealer as well...

The undercover officer wore a wire to her meeting with the drug dealer.

a dealer who imports cars from Italy to the U.S.

...a car dealer respected for his integral honesty and straightforwardness with customers...

...the drug dealer knew which of the cops were bent...

The car dealer certifies each car before it is sold.

...with his flashy suit and carefully sculpted coiffure, he looks like a slick car dealer...

...through cozenage and flattery, the art dealer coaxed the unwary into selling their family treasures for a song...

...scornfully declaring that he was not the school's lone drug dealer, he immediately began criminating a host of confederates...

Word forms

singular: dealer
plural: dealers
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