Diana - definition, transcription

Amer.  |daˈjænə|
Brit.  |dʌɪˈanə|


- English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles; her death in an automobile accident in Paris produced intense national mourning (1961-1997) (syn: diana)
- (Roman mythology) virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon; counterpart of Greek Artemis (syn: diana)


...the nearly coincidental deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa...

...the contention that the royal family took advantage of the young Diana's naivety...

Diana was an ideal icon for a post-Christian society.

Some Greek named Hippolytus, who had vowed to live a virgin life for Diana.

There were many conspiracy theories (=beliefs that something is the result of a conspiracy) surrounding Princess Diana's death.

Diana and Laura have been firm friends (=close friends) since their early teens.

Anyone who's seen the world's press in full cry can understand how Diana felt.

Diana was determined not to lose her temper with him.

The first time I saw Diana I was mesmerized by her beauty.

Although his comment was a parody of the truth, Diana was upset by it.

Diana - the people's princess

Diana tasted her martini and quickly spat it out.

He thinks he's in love with Diana.

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