Docket - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdɑːkɪt|  American pronunciation of the word docket
Brit.  |ˈdɒkɪt|  British pronunciation of the word docket


- (law) the calendar of a court; the list of cases to be tried or a summary of the court's activities
- a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to (syn: agenda, schedule)


- place on the docket for legal action
- make a summary or abstract of a legal document and inscribe it in a list


The judge had to postpone some of the cases on the docket.

...on the Broadway docket for the early part of this season...

He stuffed the docket for the second case into his back pocket.

Only 5 of the 120 cases docketed were tried

Word forms

singular: docket
plural: dockets
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