Doctoral - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdɑːktərəl|  American pronunciation of the word doctoral
Brit.  |ˈdɒkt(ə)r(ə)l|  British pronunciation of the word doctoral


- of or relating to a doctor or doctorate(syn: doctorial)

doctoral dissertation


He needed medicine but refused to go to a doctor.

She was under doctor's orders not to return to work.

I saw her at the doctor's last week.

How long will you be at the doctor?

Most of the faculty members at this college are doctors in their fields.

Dr. Smith, can you explain the exam requirements again?

They were accused of doctoring the company's financial records.

A doctored photo of the actress

I think somebody doctored the punch.

He had time to doctor his wounds.

She doctored the sick child until the physician arrived.

The program has several doctoral candidates.

She is driving away at her doctoral thesis.

He wrote his doctoral thesis on contemporary French literature.

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