Drama - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈdrɑːmə|  American pronunciation of the word drama
Brit.  |ˈdrɑːmə|  British pronunciation of the word drama


- a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage (syn: play)
- an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional
- the literary genre of works intended for the theater
- the quality of being arresting or highly emotional


He is reading an ancient Greek drama.

I prefer drama to comedy.

His interest in drama began at a very young age.

She studied drama in college.

She watched the drama unfold as they began screaming at each other.

the drama of the courtroom proceedings

He plays a Russian spy in the comedy drama 'Sleepers'.

Maggie's life is always full of drama.

He won the award for best actor in a drama.

...my sister went to drama school to become an actor...

The drama club drafted three teenagers to be in the parade.

...the student drama society's decision to put on the controversial play prompted a brawl at the school board meeting...

The drama has some comic moments.

The popularity of television led to the eclipse of the radio drama.

a drama with a lachrymose hero

Word forms

singular: drama
plural: dramas
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