Duke - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |duːk|  American pronunciation of the word duke
Brit.  |djuːk|  British pronunciation of the word duke


- a British peer of the highest rank
- a nobleman (in various countries) of high rank


Put up your dukes and fight, you coward!

Grand Duke

Duke Ellington said the visit gassed him.

Then I glanced from him to the Duke himself.

He hastened to remark that the duke was right in his will to let them go.

The duke impressed his seal on the melted wax.

The Queen made Marlborough a duke.

The duke had marshalled his forces in a very different order.

The Duke had been stricken by paralysis.

James I created him Duke of Buckingham.

The story was inspired by a chance meeting with an old Russian duke.

He was rumoured to be the natural son of a duke.

The Palace has announced that the Duke and Duchess are to separate.

Tonight we have Paul Duke on percussion (=playing a percussion instrument).

the Duke's townhouse in Mayfair

Word forms

singular: duke
plural: dukes
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