Eagerly - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈiːɡərli|  American pronunciation of the word eagerly
Brit.  |ˈiːɡəli|  British pronunciation of the word eagerly


- with eagerness; in an eager manner(syn: thirstily)

the news was eagerly awaited


The environmental activist eagerly launched into an explanation of the hows and whys of developing renewable energy sources

We listened eagerly as she related the whole exciting story.

They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their wedding day.

He eagerly anticipated her arrival.

We're eagerly awaiting his arrival.

...a forthcoming exhibit at the art museum that is eagerly awaited by connoisseurs of ancient Greek pottery...

...science-fiction addicts who eagerly await each new installment in the series...

...a joyous crowd eagerly awaiting the countdown to midnight on New Year's Eve...

...the eagerly anticipated new movie starring our favorite actor turned out to be a big letdown...

...a wedding invitation eagerly sought by every peer and peeress in the realm...

His suggestion will not be eagerly embraced by all.

He went eagerly into the compact.

They're eagerly awaiting the big day.

Daniel was eagerly anticipating her arrival.

...the eagerly anticipated kayaking trip never panned out...

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