Ear - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪr|  American pronunciation of the word ear
Brit.  |ɪə|  British pronunciation of the word ear


- the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
- good hearing

he had a keen ear
a good ear for pitch

- the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear (syn: auricle, pinna)
- attention to what is said

he tried to get her ear

- fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn (syn: capitulum, spike)


They seem to be gaining the ear of the government.

The rye was beginning to ear.

She tucked her hair behind her ears.

She's had her ears pierced (=small holes made in her ears in order to wear earrings).

Lou whispered something in his ear.

It sounds odd to the ears of an ordinary English speaker.

I just wondered if the rumour had reached your ears (=if you had heard it).

She has no ear for languages at all.

In at one ear and out at the other. посл.

he tried to get her ear

Word forms

singular: ear
plural: ears
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