Elected - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |əˈlektəd|  American pronunciation of the word elected
Brit.  |ɪˈlektɪd|  British pronunciation of the word elected
- this word is a past tense form of the verbto elect
- this word is a past participle form of the verbto elect


- subject to popular election (syn: elective)


The peaceful transfer of power to the newly elected president

She was elected to a public office.

He survived a political scandal and was elected to the state legislature.

She was recently elected to the country's congress.

He hopes to be elected to the committee.

...I've elected to study French as my foreign language....

He was elected to represent a Liverpool constituency.

How would he govern if he were elected president?

As a cost-saving measure, voters have elected to have the two towns administered jointly.

The cardinals elected a new pope.

He was the leader of an armed rising against the elected government.

She was elected by secret ballot.

“President” in “they elected her president” and “to work” in “he wants to work” are different kinds of complements.

...will form a provisional government until a new leader can be elected...

He was elected to the bishopric at the turn of the century.

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