Equivalent - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪˈkwɪvələnt|  American pronunciation of the word equivalent
Brit.  |ɪˈkwɪv(ə)l(ə)nt|  British pronunciation of the word equivalent


- a person or thing equal to another in value or measure or force or effect or significance etc
- the atomic weight of an element that has the same combining capacity as a given weight of another element; the standard is 8 for oxygen (syn: eq)


- being essentially equal to something(syn: tantamount)


Those less-known companies manufacture equivalent products at cheaper prices.

I haven't taken English 202, but I took an equivalent course at another university.

I had no dollars, but offered him an equivalent amount of sterling.

a qualification which is equivalent to a degree

The word has no equivalent in English.

He had drunk the equivalent of 15 whiskies.

send two dollars or the equivalent in stamps

a wish that was equivalent to a command

Some concepts in Chinese medicine have no exact equivalent in Western medicine.

One disk can store the equivalent of 500 pages of text.

Word forms

singular: equivalent
plural: equivalents
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