Ether - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ˈiːθər|  American pronunciation of the word ether
Brit.  |ˈiːθə|  British pronunciation of the word ether


- the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water; was believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies (syn: quintessence)
- any of a class of organic compounds that have two hydrocarbon groups linked by an oxygen atom
- a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves (syn: aether)
- a colorless volatile highly flammable liquid formerly used as an inhalation anesthetic (syn: ethoxyethane)


The balloon disappeared into the ether.

She lost consciousness at the first whiff of ether.

the saturation of cotton with ether

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