Expunge - definition, pronunciation, transcription

Amer.  |ɪkˈspʌndʒ|  American pronunciation of the word expunge
Brit.  |ɪkˈspʌn(d)ʒ|  British pronunciation of the word expunge


- remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line (syn: excise, scratch, strike)


...time and the weather have expunged any evidence that a thriving community once existed here...

False statements about events in our history must be expunged from classroom books.

I wanted to expunge the memory of that first race from my mind.

Word forms

I/you/we/they: expunge
he/she/it: expunges
present participle: expunging
past tense: expunged
past participle: expunged
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